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Over The Seas

Hello everybody! Today I decided to post a poem I wrote on the 14th of November last year. Enjoy 🙂

Over the seas our hearts blow
like the wind
all the memories and dreams show
what everyone has ever felt.

We feel what we love
we love every thought.

Up on the sky my heart shines
like the sun
flow of colours aligns
with our bodies.

We know we are young
forever we’ll live.

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The Journey

Another poem. I wrote this one on 21 July 2010.

Let’s take a walk
through the  t i m e  of endless love,
not comparing speed,
just flying over

If you once stop,
is it gonna be forever?
Or are you just catching breath?
Or are you just tired?
Or are you just enjoying the moment?

I believe you…
are going to keep
on the journey
y o u  and I

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I thought I would start off with an older poem I wrote. This could give you an idea of the blog.

Thoughts of a Seeker

Let’s move and catch the steam
with bare hands to create a reality,
not every time we can win.
Let’s try to…

get lost in a  fairytale,
watch sun rise and set infinite times,
watch seven golden stars
pulling heaven through dimensions;

walk filling everyone with love,
be stubborn but not be a thorn,

           being your own hope for the dreamed future;

be creamy, be like gentle cloud,
not once change to feigned friend,

           not waiting for miracles, creating one.

You love them, don’t think you don’t.
What a pity you don’t understand all the energy.

You love us, don’t try to escape.
We all need to realize…

that we cannot hide here forever,

from universe

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