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I Feel

I feel the power17
The dark
The nothingness
I feel the fullness
The depth


The ever telling story
The instruments of heart

Man made tales
The bridges
The gaps
The sweetness
The strange

All the man made wishes
The troubles
The wind
The change
The power

I feel


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The Rain

Today I fell in love with the rain. He’s inviting, not pushing. He’s telling me: “You are free. Free to choose. Free to express your love in whatever way you feel like.”

I can be inside. With the open window just watching him and breathing the fresh fragrant air. Resting.  Just feeling.

Or go out and greet him. Meet with him. Let him kiss me.

So funny we used to be enemies. He was always irritating me with his dark humor when showering me and I was always frowning at him. I didn’t realize they were the showers of love. I just didn’t know his love language. The expression of his love is beautiful and so diverse.  I love the music he makes on the window sill, I love his fragrance of earth and wood forest .

And I love that he is always cool. With everything. Never complaining. Just being here for me.

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I found an old poem I originally wrote in April and I felt it related to right now. I updated it a little and here it is…

here it comes

after snowstorms
after dark

all that’s left

is simplicity
is ease

is a new sunny day

subtle wind
makes it fresh

gentle buds
create beauty

and silence
brings peace

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Poem of Early Summer

I wrote this piece 4 months ago and translated it into English. The original language is Slovak – my native language. So I hope it flows well and the message is clear…


Under the apple tree
in the field,
in silent garden
by the fence.

Waiting for nothing…
Reside in silence.

To bend in a field?
To trim the silence?
The silent customs
way into summer.

Handfuls of salt,
the sky is drunk,

Everything is spoiled
in the hot breath.

In those deceptive fields
I have unique fate.

Or should I go on
trying quietly?

Leafy noises
annoying flies
sleepy ladybug
fresh in the morning,
insectivorous plant.
Its own world…

In the neighbourhood,
ornamental trees.
Washed lips…
Cautious words,
not ornamental rhymes.

We walk belonging,
to ourselves,
in awful silence.

We walk in silence…

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I Always Knew It

And then I knew it.
I wanted to see and experience and know those amazing worlds. Worlds where the sounds were vibrant and colours pure . Where the clouds in the sky always brought beautiful images. Where sounds were the tones of piano and chimes and the chirp of birds. Sounds were images and images were flavours.


The worlds in my dreams and the worlds in my thoughts. Those which were too courageous to think. Those which my mind almost forgot.

I wanted to replace my world, where the colours were dull, sounds too loud and buildings too tall. Where on the 12B floor people with foggy minds were shouting at each other.

With the worlds where the me is also the you.

I want to paint, to always add and never complete the picture from my thoughts, those which were too weird to think. All those which I thought and then forgot. All those which came to me after my dreams in crystals. Those which I found under my pillow each morning.

I know I can make these worlds real. I know i can make them right here. Now.

And I always knew it…

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It’s been too long since I posted anything. I’ve been busy with exams. The new semester is here already but I have a new poem written. So here’s a little something for you to read. Feel free to tell me what you think about it or what does it mean to you.

File:Green Grass.JPG

how such fresh colour
of juicy and sour
can look so bad on my skin

how so alive colour
of leaf on a flower
can make me look thin

how this loving colour
can be on a dollar
and let me dive in

how the same colour
as knees of a crawler
can be poison ivy
making me envy

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Happy New Year!


Happy  New Year to everyone!

I’d like to post here some of my photos I took this year and didn’t have a chance to publish anywhere. So here they are…

Photo (3129)

Continue reading

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This morning I went running with my friend. We picked a route by the river. As we were about half way one way I saw a gull standing on a wall. I smiled and continued running. When we were running the other way I saw it again. This time the seagull was flying. That’s when I remembered the book I’ve read not so long ago.

It’s called Jonathan Livingston Seagull and is written by Richard Bach. It’s about a seagull who as only one of his flock realises the higher purpose of life. Continue reading

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I thought I would start off with an older poem I wrote. This could give you an idea of the blog.

Thoughts of a Seeker

Let’s move and catch the steam
with bare hands to create a reality,
not every time we can win.
Let’s try to…

get lost in a  fairytale,
watch sun rise and set infinite times,
watch seven golden stars
pulling heaven through dimensions;

walk filling everyone with love,
be stubborn but not be a thorn,

           being your own hope for the dreamed future;

be creamy, be like gentle cloud,
not once change to feigned friend,

           not waiting for miracles, creating one.

You love them, don’t think you don’t.
What a pity you don’t understand all the energy.

You love us, don’t try to escape.
We all need to realize…

that we cannot hide here forever,

from universe

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