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Forever Always Me

16 I like the quiet looks

I like the silent parks

I like the morning softness on my pillow

I like the million noiseless wishes

I like the moments that are still

I like the movements that are fully felt

I like my stupid voices arguing inside

I like me sometimes when I smile in a way

that no one else but me can understand

I like the way it feels when I recall a dream

completely without images

I like when I feel

I like that I feel more than I don’t feel

I like the way I realize things

that others say aren’t there

I like that I know my fears

and that I know what I no longer fear

I sometimes wish I could share all this

other times I like that I’m the only one like me

I guess when I wish that someone understands

my true desire is to see some me in some else

I like that I’m just me

because I wouldn’t know

how anything else feels

that’s why it’s always me

forever always me

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My New Poem

These raw materials,
they emerge from dark
with no attributes.
So they just are.

Shortly they get
by metamorphosis
if for amusement only
an unknown feel of ecstasy.

With affection they flow
towards more love.

Having desire for expression
they offer us the idea
to move forward

It’s easy nowadays
to understand them.
No elders needed
now when we’re free.

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Negative Thoughts = Dangerous?

I realised many of us are afraid of our own thoughts. But that’s resistance and what we resist, persists, right? So it’s OK to think even negative thoughts. The important part is do we think they are true or not.

It’s OK to dream and visualise. Mentally we can allow ourselves to “do” whatever we want at the moment. There’s nothing to be afraid of, nothing to feel guilty for.
We can think about what we want right now, what we wish, what we would like to do. Then we need to ask ourselves: “Is it really what I want? What is my intuition telling me? What would someone who love themselves do?” Then we can act. =)

There’s no need to worry when we act according to our feelings. Good feeling = intuition. That’s our compass.

So first if I want to do something, I can do it mentally and then ask myself, how do I feel about that.

+ We don’t need to worry about making mistakes. Because there is no such thing. ❤

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Me and I

11For everyone else it’s Friday. The day of final freedom from stress and working or studying. For me it’s a day just like any other. I “should” feel always free now. Because I finally decided. There’s no coming back. So then, what is this feeling? Or is it really a feeling? The one that sounds like: “Who do you think you are? You! You dare to try to make it? You? Don’t make me laugh…”

I realised I’m two people, just like everyone is, I guess. Two people. One is always trying-doing-saying something… “I need to worry now because the situation’s looking unsafe.” The situation’s looking unsafe because it’s new. Different.

“This is an interesting situation. I feel it’s going to lead me somewhere exciting.” That is the second person. Observing and cheerful. I need to embrace and love both of me. I want to work together with myself. I need to be friends with myself to be truly free.

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Who is me?


Who is me?

What am I trying to lie myself into?

Those judging eyes of a stranger looking back at me from the mirror..

It’s just not possible to master every skill.
So stop being so hard on yourself. Yes, you. Frowning at me in the mirror.

In the idea of perfection I often forget how easily everything is supposed to go. I did not come here to struggle. I came here to thrive. And the only way to start doing that is to start loving the parts of me that are creating, that are making me excited and enthusiastic about life. I’m looking forward to every moment of inspiration, excitement, light and epiphany. Because those are the moments I can bounce from to more happiness. =)

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I Always Knew It

And then I knew it.
I wanted to see and experience and know those amazing worlds. Worlds where the sounds were vibrant and colours pure . Where the clouds in the sky always brought beautiful images. Where sounds were the tones of piano and chimes and the chirp of birds. Sounds were images and images were flavours.


The worlds in my dreams and the worlds in my thoughts. Those which were too courageous to think. Those which my mind almost forgot.

I wanted to replace my world, where the colours were dull, sounds too loud and buildings too tall. Where on the 12B floor people with foggy minds were shouting at each other.

With the worlds where the me is also the you.

I want to paint, to always add and never complete the picture from my thoughts, those which were too weird to think. All those which I thought and then forgot. All those which came to me after my dreams in crystals. Those which I found under my pillow each morning.

I know I can make these worlds real. I know i can make them right here. Now.

And I always knew it…

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How to Not Feel Crappy about Studying at School or about Your Current Job

The easy and obvious answer would be to just change it, start doing something else. Something that you want. But what if you think you can’t do it or you don’t know what it is?

#1   what do I want?

I’m sure there are many people like me, who have not yet discovered what they truly want in life. We don’t know yet what is our biggest passion, what is our “purpose”. That’s why we often feel trapped, doing things we don’t like. Doing things we “should“ do, that we think we‘re supposed to do instead of focusing most of our attention to what pleases our soul. That’s why lot of times we feel confused, hopeless or angry.

#2   shifting focus

These negative feelings are completely understandable. And it’s OK to feel this way because the feelings are telling us something. Continue reading

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Over The Seas

Hello everybody! Today I decided to post a poem I wrote on the 14th of November last year. Enjoy 🙂

Over the seas our hearts blow
like the wind
all the memories and dreams show
what everyone has ever felt.

We feel what we love
we love every thought.

Up on the sky my heart shines
like the sun
flow of colours aligns
with our bodies.

We know we are young
forever we’ll live.

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The Journey

Another poem. I wrote this one on 21 July 2010.

Let’s take a walk
through the  t i m e  of endless love,
not comparing speed,
just flying over

If you once stop,
is it gonna be forever?
Or are you just catching breath?
Or are you just tired?
Or are you just enjoying the moment?

I believe you…
are going to keep
on the journey
y o u  and I

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This morning I went running with my friend. We picked a route by the river. As we were about half way one way I saw a gull standing on a wall. I smiled and continued running. When we were running the other way I saw it again. This time the seagull was flying. That’s when I remembered the book I’ve read not so long ago.

It’s called Jonathan Livingston Seagull and is written by Richard Bach. It’s about a seagull who as only one of his flock realises the higher purpose of life. Continue reading

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