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The Versatile Blogger Award


I would like to thank John at DOUG DOES LIFE for nominating my blog! Make sure to visit his blog, if you haven’t already. I really love his FIND YOUR PATH IN LIFE SERIES with fun exercises.


The Versatile Blogger Award focuses on the quality, the uniqueness, the level of love.

These are the rules according to the Versatile Blogger Award blog:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.


My nominations
(in no particular order)

  1. Writings of a Mrs – Her poems are lovely and deep. She speaks from experience conveying it in a fresh way. She also features other poets.
  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes – Amazing writing, amazing story. Noeleen speaks directly from her heart, about her life, exactly how it happened.
  3. Project Light to Life – Christine shares her bucket list, her goals, adventures, acts of kindness, she does interviews and much more..
  4. papermashed – Great writer with deep powerful poems.
  5. THE ROOT OF THE ROOT – Valerie’s blog includes helpful articles and videos about various spiritual topics and also her poems.
  6. The Flexi Foodie – Julie Montagu’s blog about healthy plant-based diet, great recipes and helpful advice.
  7. The organic artist’s Blog – I love organic intuitive abstract art. And here you can find some.
  8. THE TRUTH YOU ALWAYS KNEW – Spiritual blog with amazing thoughts and questions about reality, dreams, universe..
  9. TOEMAIL – Great and very fun blog with the goal to promote good causes blogs.
  10. ART BY KEN – Simply amazing abstract organic art with the great use of colours.
  11. soulpatterns – I recently discovered this great blog of a visual artist, interesting art and photography.

I decided to post this with only 11 nominations (the number has much more magic in it and it goes great with number 7 😀 ), so I’m not following the rules for now, maybe I’ll add more later. 🙂


7 things about myself:

  1. I’m a procrastinator. (That’s the reason why it took me so long to write this post)
  2. I have difficulty believing in my abilities. (I have too many interests to be great in something)
  3. I love English. It’s my favourite language. (I’m Slovak)
  4. I get easily excited by little things like unpacking groceries, or finding matching colours..
  5. I’m fascinated by astral travelling, lucid dreaming, angels and spirit guides.
  6. Three months ago I decided to drop out of university (I studied architecture for 3 years) and It’s been the best decision I ever made. I love the freedom so much.
  7. I love vegan cooking. I like finding substitutes and creating delicious food that is healthy at the same time.
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Poem For Today



She wonders what will start

after the end.

Will choice be hers

or will she depend.


She knows she is free

but he likes to play.

When she crushes the cubes,

he’s building from clay.


And every time she tries

to live something new,

he gives her the question:

“But what you’re gonna do?”

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My New Poem

These raw materials,
they emerge from dark
with no attributes.
So they just are.

Shortly they get
by metamorphosis
if for amusement only
an unknown feel of ecstasy.

With affection they flow
towards more love.

Having desire for expression
they offer us the idea
to move forward

It’s easy nowadays
to understand them.
No elders needed
now when we’re free.

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lucyI’ve always loved black cats. While others spat when they saw a black cat pass in front of them, I always smiled and felt it was the sign that everything was going all right.

When we decided to give home to a cat, I didn’t realise at first that that was finally it. We were going to live with this amazing being full of love. But what else I did not realise was that not only we were choosing her, also she was choosing us.

When we looked at the photos of the cats we were going to choose from, all three of us – my mum, sister and me – agreed: “The black one.”

Her name was Lucy. Even the name was perfect. We couldn’t choose a better name for her ourselves.

As I look on this past year with her, I appreciate her more and more every day. She makes us so happy with her presence.

I love the way her fur smells. I like how when she’s hungry she always comes meowing to me, because I’m the one that feeds her most often. I like how she turns one ear to the side when she hears something. I love how adorable she looks in the evening when it’s dark and her eyes are wide and big. I like that she always finds something worth exploring, even if it is in the same place. I laugh when she jumps on a chair with so much speed, that she moves it across the room.

And as she’s lying in my lap purring and closing her eyes, I know that she appreciates me too.


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The Rain

Today I fell in love with the rain. He’s inviting, not pushing. He’s telling me: “You are free. Free to choose. Free to express your love in whatever way you feel like.”

I can be inside. With the open window just watching him and breathing the fresh fragrant air. Resting.  Just feeling.

Or go out and greet him. Meet with him. Let him kiss me.

So funny we used to be enemies. He was always irritating me with his dark humor when showering me and I was always frowning at him. I didn’t realize they were the showers of love. I just didn’t know his love language. The expression of his love is beautiful and so diverse.  I love the music he makes on the window sill, I love his fragrance of earth and wood forest .

And I love that he is always cool. With everything. Never complaining. Just being here for me.

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I found an old poem I originally wrote in April and I felt it related to right now. I updated it a little and here it is…

here it comes

after snowstorms
after dark

all that’s left

is simplicity
is ease

is a new sunny day

subtle wind
makes it fresh

gentle buds
create beauty

and silence
brings peace

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Poem of Early Summer

I wrote this piece 4 months ago and translated it into English. The original language is Slovak – my native language. So I hope it flows well and the message is clear…


Under the apple tree
in the field,
in silent garden
by the fence.

Waiting for nothing…
Reside in silence.

To bend in a field?
To trim the silence?
The silent customs
way into summer.

Handfuls of salt,
the sky is drunk,

Everything is spoiled
in the hot breath.

In those deceptive fields
I have unique fate.

Or should I go on
trying quietly?

Leafy noises
annoying flies
sleepy ladybug
fresh in the morning,
insectivorous plant.
Its own world…

In the neighbourhood,
ornamental trees.
Washed lips…
Cautious words,
not ornamental rhymes.

We walk belonging,
to ourselves,
in awful silence.

We walk in silence…

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Negative Thoughts = Dangerous?

I realised many of us are afraid of our own thoughts. But that’s resistance and what we resist, persists, right? So it’s OK to think even negative thoughts. The important part is do we think they are true or not.

It’s OK to dream and visualise. Mentally we can allow ourselves to “do” whatever we want at the moment. There’s nothing to be afraid of, nothing to feel guilty for.
We can think about what we want right now, what we wish, what we would like to do. Then we need to ask ourselves: “Is it really what I want? What is my intuition telling me? What would someone who love themselves do?” Then we can act. =)

There’s no need to worry when we act according to our feelings. Good feeling = intuition. That’s our compass.

So first if I want to do something, I can do it mentally and then ask myself, how do I feel about that.

+ We don’t need to worry about making mistakes. Because there is no such thing. ❤

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Who am I..

03Who am I to judge what will be right for you? I am not  you. I allow you to take the path in your life that will please your soul, that will make your heart sing. I love you so much that I trust that your way is the best possible one for you. I can show you my way. But you can choose what bits and pieces fit also to your puzzle. Which ones we have in common.
Any of us can share their journey with other but it is so because we both agreed. I cannot make anyone else follow my path just because of my own belief resulted from my own experience.

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Me and I

11For everyone else it’s Friday. The day of final freedom from stress and working or studying. For me it’s a day just like any other. I “should” feel always free now. Because I finally decided. There’s no coming back. So then, what is this feeling? Or is it really a feeling? The one that sounds like: “Who do you think you are? You! You dare to try to make it? You? Don’t make me laugh…”

I realised I’m two people, just like everyone is, I guess. Two people. One is always trying-doing-saying something… “I need to worry now because the situation’s looking unsafe.” The situation’s looking unsafe because it’s new. Different.

“This is an interesting situation. I feel it’s going to lead me somewhere exciting.” That is the second person. Observing and cheerful. I need to embrace and love both of me. I want to work together with myself. I need to be friends with myself to be truly free.

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