abstract prints for sale – at Fine Art America

healing paintings for sale – at Fine Art America

spiritual art for sale – at Fine Art America

beautiful abstract paintings – by Laura Harris

9 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Have Their Own Art Blog – great advice for artists at




Teal’s Blog  – The Everyday Life of The Spiritual Catalyst

Gigi’s Heart – Musings of a Modern Day Mystic

DOUG DOES LIFE – A Creative Monkey On How To Find Your Path In Life.

WordsFallFromMyEyes – Amazing writing, amazing story. Noeleen speaks directly from her heart, about her life, exactly how it happened.

Writings of a Mrs – Her poems are lovely and deep. She speaks from experience conveying it in a fresh way. She also features other poets.

Project Light to Life – Christine shares her bucket list, her goals, adventures, acts of kindness, she does interviews and much more..

papermashed – Great writer with deep powerful poems.

THE ROOT OF THE ROOT – Valerie’s blog includes helpful articles and videos about various spiritual topics and also her poems.

The Flexi Foodie – Julie Montagu’s blog about healthy plant-based diet, great recipes and helpful advice.

The organic artist’s Blog – I love organic intuitive abstract art. And here you can find some.

THE TRUTH YOU ALWAYS KNEW – Spiritual blog with amazing thoughts and questions about reality, dreams, universe..

TOEMAIL – Great and very fun blog with the goal to promote good causes blogs.

ART BY KEN – Simply amazing abstract organic art with the great use of colours.

soulpatterns – I discovered this great blog of a visual artist; interesting art and photography.

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