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I Always Knew It

And then I knew it.
I wanted to see and experience and know those amazing worlds. Worlds where the sounds were vibrant and colours pure . Where the clouds in the sky always brought beautiful images. Where sounds were the tones of piano and chimes and the chirp of birds. Sounds were images and images were flavours.


The worlds in my dreams and the worlds in my thoughts. Those which were too courageous to think. Those which my mind almost forgot.

I wanted to replace my world, where the colours were dull, sounds too loud and buildings too tall. Where on the 12B floor people with foggy minds were shouting at each other.

With the worlds where the me is also the you.

I want to paint, to always add and never complete the picture from my thoughts, those which were too weird to think. All those which I thought and then forgot. All those which came to me after my dreams in crystals. Those which I found under my pillow each morning.

I know I can make these worlds real. I know i can make them right here. Now.

And I always knew it…

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