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This morning I went running with my friend. We picked a route by the river. As we were about half way one way I saw a gull standing on a wall. I smiled and continued running. When we were running the other way I saw it again. This time the seagull was flying. That’s when I remembered the book I’ve read not so long ago.

It’s called Jonathan Livingston Seagull and is written by Richard Bach. It’s about a seagull who as only one of his flock realises the higher purpose of life. Continue reading

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I thought I would start off with an older poem I wrote. This could give you an idea of the blog.

Thoughts of a Seeker

Let’s move and catch the steam
with bare hands to create a reality,
not every time we can win.
Let’s try to…

get lost in a  fairytale,
watch sun rise and set infinite times,
watch seven golden stars
pulling heaven through dimensions;

walk filling everyone with love,
be stubborn but not be a thorn,

           being your own hope for the dreamed future;

be creamy, be like gentle cloud,
not once change to feigned friend,

           not waiting for miracles, creating one.

You love them, don’t think you don’t.
What a pity you don’t understand all the energy.

You love us, don’t try to escape.
We all need to realize…

that we cannot hide here forever,

from universe

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